Agathe Snow

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Agathe Snow, Untitled, 2008
Agathe SnowUntitled, 2008mixed medium

Agathe Snow
Born in 1976, lives and works in New York.

Agathe Snow’s practice balances her faith in the redemptive power of human ingenuity and community with visions of apocalypse and entropic decay. Her performances, ranging from carnivalesque banquets to dance marathons, maintain a fierce conceptual commitment while operating as scenarios for uninhibited social exchange. Performance also underpins Snow’s sprawling mixed media installations, which she fashions from an exuberant array of debris scavenged from local streets. With her ongoing interest in the complex strands that bind people to places she uses paint, plaster and collage to convert her found objects into evocative new forms that often develop and mutate over the course of an exhibition.  She explains, “I ... use materials that exist already and are doomed to never serve again … and [so I prolong] their use beyond function.”

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