Oscar Tuazon

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Oscar Tuazon, Untitled, 2012
Oscar TuazonUntitled, 2012rust, engine oil , charcoal, cement on canvas165 x 275 cm

Oscar Tuazon
Born in 1975, lives and works in Los Angeles.

Comprised of a combination of natural and industrial materials, the sculptures and installations of Oscar Tuazon reference minimalist sensibilities, extreme do-it-yourself aesthetics and vernacular architecture. His works maintain an improvised, precarious quality that draws upon his long-standing interest in how the built environment is redefined and redesigned by the act of inhabitation.  Tuazon says, “I hope that the effect of my work is mostly physical. That’s what I like — walking through something, having an experience of the weight of things, or an experience of balance… That kind of really basic physical thing makes the work interesting; it makes it disarming and strange.”