Elias Hansen:
You Know We’re Nowhere Near There, Right?

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Elias Hansen, I
Elias HansenI've made alot of love out of this one, 2010aluminium, glass, heating element, steel, vinyl, water, water pump53 x 24 in
Elias Hansen: You Know We’re Nowhere Near There, Right? 7 April - 7 May 2011

It is not so much about the object as it is about where the object has been. It’s this history which makes it significant. Elias Hansen’s first London solo show, 'You know we're nowhere near there, right?' opens at Jonathan Viner’s temporary space in Hoxton Square with a series of sculptures that investigate the notions of an intertwined journey- that of the object, and that of the artist.

The walls of the gallery are lined with small wooden shelves, which display Hansen’s delicate blown-glass alongside deteriorating found objects - thus neutralising the contradictory status of the precious and the discarded. Hansen collected these relics on the beaches of
Vashon, sifting through the sand whilst throwing glass bottles into the ocean. The bottles and the sand are recontextualised in these sculptures as the found objects and glass they have become over time.

Three new sculptural works occupy the centre of the gallery spaces. Plastic tubes and metal frames connect hand blown glass to broken found objects. These elaborate yet ultimately futile structures set atop worktables resemble a dysfunctional meth lab, emphasising the mystery, secrecy and suspicion of this hidden market.

Titles like
I’d take you there, but it doesn’t exist anymore, I haven’t been back there since, I guess going back there made a difference read like overheard fragments of conversation, revealing insight, if somewhat ambiguous, to Hansen's personal associations to each object.